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Information Required for Supermarket Accident Compensation

What to do if you have an accident in a supermarket or shop

As with most personal injury compensation claims, there are a number of steps you should take to help you make a no win no fee* supermarket accident claim.

Record your accident in the supermarket accident book

If you are unfortunate to have an accident in a supermarket or a shop, it is important that you report the accident to the supermarket or shop in question. All supermarkets and shops should have an accident book, and a report of your accident should be filled out in their accident book.

Record details of any witnesses

If there are any witnesses to your supermarket or shop accident, it is a good idea to try to make a note of their name and telephone number. If you do go on to make an accident claim, a witness can be used to verify your accident.

Take photographs of the scene

Although it may not always be possible, if you are involved in an accident in a supermarket or shop, photographs make excellent evidence. Therefore if you slip on a puddle of water or trip over a damaged display unit, taking photos of the area on a mobile phone will act as good evidence if you decide to make an accident compensation claim.

Seek medical advice

In order to make a personal injury claim for a supermarket or shop accident you must seek medical advice for your injuries. It is therefore important that you visit your GP or the hospital as soon as possible

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