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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the claim take?

It is very difficult to say how long it is likely to take to resolve your claim at this early stage. Much will depend on whether the defendant admits or disputes your claim and also on how long it takes to obtain medical evidence. For example, a claim involving a typical minor whiplash injury could take as little as six months, compared with a claim involving a trip, slip or fall which could take over a year. Once your solicitor has carried out initial investigations, they will be in a better position to advise you of how long it will take. However, you can be assured our pre-screened panel solicitors have a very good reputation for bringing claims to the right conclusion as quickly as possible.

What if I suffered a personal injury a while ago?

The general rule is that you have three years from the date of your injury to make a claim. If the accident involved a person under 18, then the three years does not start until his/her 18th birthday. There are other special exceptions to this three-year rule which apply to Industrial Disease, Medical Negligence and Criminal Injury Claims.
Will it really cost me nothing to start my compensation claim?

Under a "No Win No Fee*" agreement you will only be responsible for your solicitor's costs if you win your case.

What happens if I lose my compensation claim?

If you don't win your claim, you pay nothing. This is because you will usually have the benefit of a conditional fee agreement under the "No Win No Fee*" agreement, which covers the other side's costs. Your solicitor will explain this in more detail.

Will I be asked to sign up for any form of loan?

You can be assured that any solicitor you choose through our service will not ask you to ever enter into a loan agreement to fund your claim.

Will I have to go to court?

It is unlikely that you will need to go to court to have your case settled. Most cases are settled following negotiations with insurance companies and without the need to attend a court hearing.

Your solicitor will ensure that you are comfortable with any decision to issue court proceedings and will talk you through the whole process long before any court date is set.

Do I have to attend a medical?

Yes. Your solicitor will arrange a medical examination with an independent doctor. This appointment will be local to your home so you will not have to travel very far to attend.

How much compensation can I expect for my injuries?

To get an estimate of what is commonly awarded for similar injuries click on the compensation guide.

You can claim "General Damages" for your injuries, the 'pain and suffering' you have sustained as a result of the accident and for the 'loss of enjoyment of life' by, for example, not being able to pursue your hobbies.

You may also be able be entitled to claim "Special Damages" for lost earnings, potential loss of future earnings and for any expenses which are necessary to aid your recovery such as prescription costs, nursing care and rehabilitation costs. Please remember, each case is different, and accurate advice must be tailored to the individual case.

Once you have started your claim, your solicitor will be able to give you a more realistic estimate of how much compensation you are likely to receive.

Will my details be kept confidential?

Your details are only given to those pre-screened solicitors who are experts in cases like yours and best match your personal preferences.

Am I free to choose any solicitor?

We match your case and personal preferences with our panel of solicitors. You then choose the solicitor you feel most comfortable with and he or she will start your compensation claim for you. You don't have to choose a solicitor from our service – you are free to find your own solicitor – but remember our solicitors are pre-screened experts in cases like yours. We comply with the appropriate Introduction & Referral Codes of the Law Society.

Will I have to visit my solicitor's office?

No, we understand that your injuries might make it difficult for you to travel to see your solicitors. Most cases are usually dealt with by telephone and correspondence so you should not have to attend any meetings. In more complicated cases it may be necessary to arrange a face-to-face meeting with you in which case your solicitor will visit you at home.

When it comes to choosing your solicitor, Supermarket Accident Helpline will give you the option to appoint a local solicitor if you prefer. However, you can be assured that most of our panels of solicitors work on national basis – that means they are prepared to travel to your home to meet you.

Who are Supermarket Accident Helpline?

Supermarket Accident Helpline are specialists in helping accident victims to quickly find the right expert solicitor for their particular case. Using our simple system, we collect the right information to put an accident victim in touch with the right expert solicitor - who quickly and efficiently evaluates the information and the victim's case.

Why should I choose Supermarket Accident Helpline to start my compensation claim?

Selecting the right solicitor for your compensation claim is a difficult process. It can be frustrating and intimidating. Word of mouth referrals or searching in a telephone directory for the right solicitor can be disastrous. Selecting the right solicitor requires critical evaluation of their quality of work, their professional reputation and their successful track records.  Supermarket Accident Helpline consult with each solicitor individually, which is very time consuming but is essential to provide you with a more reliable way to find the right solicitor.

How does Supermarket Accident Helpline select solicitors for their panel?

My Supermarket Accident screens all solicitors who work with us. We make sure they are experts in providing the kind of advice you need for your compensation claim. All our solicitors are obliged to be in good standing with the Law Society; meet our standards of service, provide a personal profile and provide two independent referees. We have solicitors across England & Wales so there will be one near you.

How will a solicitor from the Supermarket Accident Helpline panel perform?

We aim to ensure that certain standards of service are offered to you when you decide to pursue a claim for compensation for your injuries with Supermarket Accident Helpline. All our solicitors agree with these standards and are committed to getting you the maximum compensation available.

Will I lose my job if I bring a claim?

An employer is required by law to have insurance to cover their employees for accidents at work and therefore is not allowed to sack you if you are injured at work. Our panel solicitors understand that this is a serious concern for you and will deal sympathetically with the case.

If you have suffered a personal injury in a shop or supermarket -

*Other costs could be payable.


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