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Claiming for tripping accidents in supermarkets

Tripping accidents are a common hazard in supermarkets but it is the responsibility of the management to ensure your safety and well-being while on their premises at all times. Assistants and operatives are constantly loading shelves throughout the day and so there is likely to be pallets or boxes left on the floor, trolleys full of products, or a cluster of products on the floor as shelves are replenished. Even though this process is a necessity and must run parallel to shop opening hours, it should carried be undertaken under health and safety regulations.

Tripping accidents may also include accidents on stairways, steps and ramps. There may also be cases where the flooring itself is uneven or uncared for and in consequence causes an accident.

How you may have been affected

Tripping accidents that lead to compensation claims can include quite minor injuries such as a bump, fracture, bruising, or whiplash. They can also result in broken bones, days or weeks off work and trauma. Injuries may prevent you from taking part in daily tasks and warrant the need of a paid carer. Costs may also be incurred through medication, travel and loss of earnings. Many will unfairly blame themselves when there is a likelihood the fault lies with the store for not ensuring their safety.

What should they have done

As well as ensuring they are keeping to safety regulations and guidelines supermarket management must also train their staff to ensure all in store re-shelving processes do not pose a hazard to the general public. Where there is a clear risk, warning signs should be placed in appropriate places or danger zones should be cordoned off. All areas of the premises open to the general public should be risk assessed to eradicate hazards.

What should you do?

When an accident occurs you may well not be in a good state of mind to capture important information about the incident. As well as seeking immediate medical advice you should:

  • Ensure the accident is reported and recorded in the supermarket accident book.
  • If possible take a photograph of the scene of the incident.
  • Get the names and addresses of any witnesses.
  • Keep receipts for everything you might reasonably feel you have incurred as a result of the accident. This may include medication, travel expenses, records of loss of earnings etc.

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